Why do I have cataracts?

Why do I have cataracts? Patients often wonder why their vision has become cloudy, their eyes are sensitive to light, they have difficulty seeing at night, see faded colors, and their glasses don’t seem to work anymore. Over your lifetime, the natural lenses inside your eyes become cloudy and prevent light from being focused clearly. It may seem like these changes in your vision happened overnight, but because cataracts form gradually, you probably didn’t notice them.

Cataracts are part of the natural aging process and most people have some clouding of their lenses by age 60. Cataracts can develop more quickly in patients with uncontrolled diabetes, who have had a trauma to the eye, or have used oral or topical steroids for extended periods of time.

Cataract surgery to remove your clouded natural lens and replace it with a lens implant is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States. You should have very little pain after surgery. You will need to observe a few precautions during the first week or so after surgery to avoid developing an infection or sustaining an injury to your eye while it heals, but should be able to resume most of your normal activities within a day or two. In most cases, your eye should be completely healed and your recovery complete in about a month.

Cataract surgery has been shown to significantly improve vision and quality of life for patients who undergo the procedure. Many patients are able to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contacts after cataract surgery. We offer a host of the latest advancements in lens implants and surgical procedure options to create a custom experience for you.

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