June is Cataract Awareness Month – learn about treatment options

Cataracts occur as part of the body’s natural aging process and may not change vision significantly in the early stages. As cataracts continue to mature over time, they may cause vision loss that can interfere with activities of daily living. Studies have demonstrated that cataract surgery can lead to improved quality of life. Click to learn more about cataracts.

If your doctor advises it is time for cataract surgery, Columbia Eye Clinic offers a host of the latest advancements in lens implants and surgical procedure options to create a custom experience for every cataract patient.


Standard Surgery

Your surgeon uses hand held instruments to access the cataract under a microscope and remove it from the eye. Medicare and/or insurance typically cover this surgery minus copays or deductibles.

Laser Surgery

Your surgeon utilizes a computer guided laser to assist with the most challenging steps of surgery providing you with the most accurate, predictable visual outcome possible. Laser assisted cataract surgery can also be used to correct mild levels of astigmatism.



Multifocal Lens

A Multifocal lens implant is designed to correct your near, intermediate and distance vision. In the appropriate patient, this can mean less dependence on glasses.

Astigmatism Lens

The majority of patients have some level of astigmatism. Moderate to severe levels of astigmatism can now be corrected with a special toric lens. This can reduce the dependence on glasses.

Standard Lens

Our standard lens is suitable for patients who do not mind wearing glasses for some or all distances. This lens has a single focal point and glasses will be required for other distances. This lens is typically covered by insurance.


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