Sports Eye Protection Prevents Injury

As you prepare your kids to go back to school, don’t overlook adding protective eyewear for sports to their supply list. The information below also applies for adults.

Protective eyewear is not just for kids or adults who wear glasses or contacts. Most sport frames can accommodate both prescription and nonprescription lenses. Likewise, regular eyeglasses do not provide proper eye protection and in some cases can make an injury worse if they shatter.

Different sports pose different levels of risk for eye injury.  Make sure that you’re using the right kind of eye protection for each activity. Sports eye protectors with polycarbonate (shatterproof plastic) lenses should be used for baseball, basketball, football, racquet sports, soccer, hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and paintball. In baseball, ice hockey and men’s lacrosse, a helmet with a face mask or wire shield that includes polycarbonate, should be worn, too. Choose eye protectors that have been tested to meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Sport goggles should be properly fitted to the individual wearer. If the frames are too large and don’t fit properly, the amount of protection they provide will be compromised, increasing the risk of eye injury. Frames that are too small can be just as dangerous. Review the fit of your child’s sport goggles each year to ensure that they are still providing proper protection. Make sure the padding inside the sides of the goggle rests flush with the face and the eyes are centered both horizontally and vertically in the lens area. Eye protection should be replaced when damaged or yellowed with age.

If you have an eye injury seek medical care immediately. Delaying medical attention can result in permanent vision loss or blindness.

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