diagram of the eye illustrating YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG Laser Procedure After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed, as well as one of the safest and most effective, surgical procedures in the United States. Typically, a patient’s vision after cataract surgery is very clear.  Some patients may experience hazy vision months to years after surgery.

Hazy vision after cataract surgery can occur when the thin membrane that surrounds the intraocular lens implant becomes clouded by unwanted cell growth. This condition is called posterior capsule opacification or PCO.

diagram of the eye illustrating YAG laser capsulotomy
YAG Laser Capsulotomy

PCO can be treated in your doctor’s office with a procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy. The YAG procedure takes just a few minutes and does not cause any discomfort during or after the procedure. The effected eye will be dilated with drops before the procedure. The YAG laser will be used to make an opening in the cloudy membrane.

You may resume your normal activities immediately. Aside from possibly experiencing some floaters for up to a few weeks after the procedure, most patients experience improved vision within a day. Only one treatment to remove the cloudy membrane is required to permanently resolve hazy vision caused by PCO.

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