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Experience the Difference with Digital Prescription Lenses

digiital prescription lensesThe Optical Shops at Columbia Eye Clinic offer the most advanced technology in digital prescription lenses available. Our custom digital prescription lenses by Shamir can help you can experience wider fields of view, crisper distance vision and easier transition through all your viewing fields that is more like natural sight.

Digital technology allows the prescription to be more accurate and your digital prescription lenses are fully customized down to the millimeter for your frame selection, eye measurements, and the position you wear your frame. Patients who have previously disliked wearing glasses because of poor peripheral vision, especially contact lens wearers, have been astonished by the undisturbed, consistent vision all the way across digital prescription lenses. You will experience significantly wider fields of view, crisper distance vision, and an easier transition as you move through different viewing zones, which feels much more like natural sight.

We offer these options in digital prescription lenses:

  • single vision,
  • progressives (no-line bi-focals),
  • Duo (less-line bi-focals),
  • golf progressives.

Consult one of our licensed and board-certified Opticians to see which digital prescription lenses are right for your lifestyle.

For a limited time, get 50% off your purchase of Digital Single Vision Lenses or Free Non-Glare with the purchase of any Digital Progressive Lens.  Click to learn more about the digital difference and to download a coupon.


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